Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.

Margaret Atwood explains modern sexism in two sentences.

Creativity, to the Beholder

In reading this mostly trivial discussion of the merit of the latest blockbuster ( ), I was hit by this little bit of words:

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Guardians is this kid’s first space opera — or the first one that really feels like it belongs to him — and that he doesn’t feel manipulated by it any more than I felt manipulated by Star Wars when I was 4 years old. He just thinks the raccoon is awesome.

Much of the surrounding text (and the argument against) is about how derivative everything in the film is. The walkman is lifted from Back to the Future, the Rocket/Groot relationship a dead ringer for Han and Chewy. But based on my non-humanities understanding of the world, there is no inherent flaw in a post-modern collage, yes?

Which brings me back to that block quote. If newness is truly the most important factor in this film’s value or enjoyment, then the exaggerated 4-year-old boy will get the most value out of this film than anyone. The experienced sci-fi-nerd critic, on the other hand, will see much the opposite. Since a film, compared to the totality of all others, is actually pretty derivative, there is a relativity at work in determining its novelty. Maybe the fact that Independence Day and Jurassic Park are two of my cannot-be-topped, favorite films is more of a product of when they were made (and thus how old I was when I saw them) rather than how truly “better” they are than their contemporary successors.

Maybe I liked Guardians because I actually haven’t read that many comics at all. Maybe that’s why the world liked it and the comic fans stood back and judged.

This leaves me with a curious scenario of responsibility. Given a friend that “hasn’t really listened to many podcasts”, which would I recommend she play first? Which should be the one that introduced her to the medium? In fact, given my newfound like of this comic space opera universe, what should be the first that I buy?


Electric Objects SF Pop-up Showroom. Here for another few hours, come by and say hi! 2665 Mission St.

I am continuously surprised with how cool EO is. It is utterly futuristic.

Also, Raveghost.

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the precipice

the precipice

A growing list of things I will avoid using in conversation:

Hi dad! I love net neutrality because it democratizes the Internet in a way that differs greatly from other networks (cable TV, radio) where it’s almost impossible for Joe Schmo to start his own “station”. The one downside is that a lot of the companies benefiting from net neutrality are also only hiring very skilled workers and not that many at that. So the capital and pay is very centralized in tech. Look at Netflix vs blockbuster or Craigslist vs local news classified ads. But I think that if we took net neutrality away (which seems like it could happen) we should seriously consider allowing for multiple internet providers in cities. Right now we only have one option. In a way, net neutrality saves us from cable monopolies.

My explanation of net neutrality to my dad.